Summer Photo Walk, July 9


There were two photo walks today. The first I squeezed into a family reunion at Lima Lake. This location has resisted all of my attempts over the years to cast it as a photogenic place. This was about as interesting as I could make it:


Almost all of the wildflowers at this lake are the sort that are so plentiful around here that they are cut like weeds: chicory, Queen Anne’s Lace, and the like.

What was more interesting was the family reunion itself. I was mistaken for my mother, and I could not convince anyone that I was not her. The older I get, the more I am exhausted by correcting things. Like lots of woman, I was haunted by the notion that I might become my mother someday, but now that it has happened, at least in the minds of some of my distant relations, I am not upset. If I must be someone else for an afternoon, my mother would be a fine person to be:


After the family reunion, I stopped at the Allen County Children’s Garden to see what all was blooming there. This location is a supermodel in comparison to Lima Lake


Elusive Orange Milkweed


Purple milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is easy to find here in Ohio in June and early July. Its lavender flower clusters can be found in ditches and home gardens alike. Orange milkweed, also known as butterfly weed or Asclepias tuberosa, is more elusive. If I spot in a prairie, it is far from the margins. I have yet to see it as a specimen plant in a public garden.

Today I spotted two large orange milkweed plants at a local wildflower prairie. My view was obstructed partially by bee balm and other wildflowers that aren’t so photo shy.