Glitch in the Blogs I Follow Widget

I am curious to see if any of my fellow bloggers have noticed a problem with the Blogs I Follow widget. When I visit a blog that uses this widget, I literally see a list of the Blogs I Follow, in order of the blogs I’ve most recently started following. I don’t see the author’s blogroll. I see my own.

Has anyone else noticed this glitch?

The Center Can Hold: Celebrating One Year of Intensity Without Mastery


It’s been a year since I first posted on this blog. I’d like to thank all of my readers for your support. You’ve helped sustain me through the highs and lows of the past year, and I look forward to sharing so much more with you.

To my fellow bloggers, thank you for uplifting me with your stories. I’m so glad that the venue I found for relating the details of my life led me to discovering yours.

For those of you who read my posts but do not have a website of your own, please, please consider starting a blog. When I started a year ago, I thought this site would just be a mental junk drawer where I exorcised demons and collected details I might forget about the various things I do as a woman, wife, and mother. The process has proved to be so much more fulfilling than I expected. So many of us post on social media, but those forums are so geared to the present tense that much of the material from the past sinks to the bottom. It’s hard to find a narrative or sense of pride in the ordinary business of living when your pictures and tales get bumped by dozens of other posts in your newsfeed. By having your own site, the shape of your story and the significance of all that you do becomes much clearer.

By having your own site, there is also the opportunity to see your reach in the world. This is not possible with a personal social media account. Start writing for the world, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how far your words will travel.

Below is a map of my visitors from the past year. The numbers are small compared to many blogs, especially the ones with longevity.

Screenshot 2017-06-24 at 10.14.17 PM

Intensity Without Mastery


After a bit of reflection, I have decided to switch my blog’s name and tagline. I feel like Intensity Without Mastery (a phrase I first heard in the great film Slacker) captures my scattered interests well. I hover like a bumble bee over lots of stuff. This has been my habit since my early days, when I’d keep myself awake entirely too late halfway building towns with my Fisher Price Little People and their accesories like the pink dragon with rubbery arms that the powers-that-be didn’t let get past the 70’s for safety reasons.

It’s been almost a year since I started my blog. Thank you, dear reader, for your continued support. I don’t know if I’d have continued past the first few posts without you.

Facebook Notes

Over the weekend, I thought I’d figured out how to cross-embed between Facebook and, but, alas, the codes I’d used to embed some Facebook material in a post I attempted here did not work as planned. Since the post was all about how I thought I’d figured out this process, the post was a bit foolish.

Once I figure out how to properly embed a Facebook post on, I will let you know. In the meantime, I’d excited about the Notes feature. It’s been available in obscure menu positions on Facebook for years, but it was vastly improved at some point recently. Now it’s a WYSIWYG editor with the option of embedding photos and videos from multiple sources.

Intensity Without Mastery
A screen shot from my blog’s Facebook page

The Note itself pops up when clicked, offering a much cleaner design than what is usual for Facebook:

Screenshot 2017-06-07 at 10.42.48 PM

You can embed more photos to illustrate your post, just as you can on WordPress. There’s also the option of embedding images and video from several other sites, such as Instagram and YouTube.

By the way, I’d be delighted if you followed me on Facebook.

It is possible to publish Notes on your personal Facebook page, too. Here’s where I find that option on my profile:

Screenshot 2017-06-07 at 10.14.34 PM

Notes show on your Timeline and your friends’ newsfeeds just like regular status updates do. When they are clicked on, they offer a cool, well-designed departure from regular posts on that site.

A Special Thank You to My Readers


When I started this blog three months ago, my only hope was to write for the sake of writing again. I had been writing no more than was necessary for several years. Writing was something I had tossed onto the cinder pile of my youth.

Then things worth writing about started happening, stuff that begged deeper reflection than a few long conversations. People I knew slipped from this life. A missing person was found.

One of my aunts reminded me that I have stories worth telling, so I began writing again. I wondered what would happen if I started writing every day and stopped worrying about the potential quality of my output.

I have found that the most powerful changes come from daily habits. I’m beginning to believe that writing is no exception to this principle.

This blog started as a promise to myself that I would persist at writing, even if I found no audience. I am so very grateful to you, my reader, that I have not labored alone. The time you’ve taken to read my posts and view my pictures means more to me than I can yet express in words.

I am so pleased to see that I’ve had visitors from 25 countries in the past three months. Eons ago (in internet time, at least), I had a satire online that was visited a few times by someone from Vatican City. Whoever he was, I hope he’ll read my stuff again. Maybe he was checking my writing for heresy.

Since this blog was born during this past summer, my posts have been viewed a total of 2,882 times on three different sites (this blog, and This is a small amount of traffic compared to seasoned bloggers, but it’s a beginning worth continuing.

Thanks again for visiting. I am honored that you have devoted time to reading my words.

I’ve Started a Photo Blog


While this blog will continue to have a photography section, I have begun a photo blog called Lovewake. Why Lovewake? Because long ago I decided that if I ever designed a tarot deck, it’d be called The Lovewake Tarot. Since I haven’t gotten around to developing that notion, the title Lovewake is still available.

While my interest in photography waxes and wanes like a sine wave, it is an enduring passion of mine. My father also had an interest in this art during my childhood, and he helped me learn the basics once I decided to pursue it, too. One of my earliest memories is riding with him in the elevator of the tallest building in Indianapolis so he could take photos of the city from that high vantage point.

So I grew up in a family in which it was a right and good thing to wander in search of a good shot. I wasn’t an oddball to take pictures of crowds and parades. Both of my parents have been so supportive of my photography. In the depth of my past depression, it was at times the primary way I could express myself.

In the past 16 years, I have taken tens of thousands of pictures. On the photo site Flickr, I’ve had 192,353 views. I’ve also licensed stock photography through Shutterstock.

Weighing this history and how I’d like the option of blogging some photos with little or no commentary, I feel it’s best to offer a venue that focuses on my photos. This blog will still feature some photography. Each post here will continue to have a featured image, and there will be posts that focus on some photos that merited further reflection for me.

My Flickr stats