The Beauticians


Some trick of light defeated that woman’s shadow on the right. Its demeanor is the oppositeĀ of the person who cast it. She herself looks strong while her shadow has surrendered. I’ve stated this observation three different ways already, but it’s all I really see in this picture of mine.

Whatever Could This Be?

I spied this object of mystery in a parking lot this week. No matter how many times I look at the pictures I took of it, I don’t have a better clue of what it is. The center looks organic while the margins remind me of a busted gasket.

It looks part cow pie, tree root and biodegradable Ewok mask.

I can’t help but see a face in this. I also see faces in cars and even in shoes. My empty shoes look like they are singing Handel’s Messiah.

Whatever is in this picture, it is laughing.