How to manage all the digital photos?

Does anyone have any tips for archiving digital photos? My back catalog of digital photos stretches back to the year 2000. Over those 19 years, I’ve taken around 38,000 photos. I have almost all of them backed up online on Flickr, but that company was recently bought out by another one. In the aftermath of that merger, the price of unlimited storage there rose steeply. It’s not that I can’t afford their prices, but it has made me mindful that I do need to download all the photos worth keeping and think of a long term storage strategy.

As I’ve been going through the oldest of these photos, I’m stunned at the tiny resolution of the first digital camera I used, one of the Sony Mavica cameras that stored pictures on floppy discs! I so wish the photo below was available in a larger format, but 500×375 pixels was its full resolution:


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